Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit Update: Motion for Summary Judgment Filed

I don't know anything about lawsuits. If you'd asked me two years ago if we'd still be waiting, I'd have said no way since the evidence is so overwhelming! It's amazing how slowly the wheels of justice have to turn. Of course, having a defendant and her two attorneys trying their best to slow things down as much as they can, these things happen I guess!

We're reaching the point we've all been waiting for. John has filed the motion for summary judgment. You can read about it here. Apparently the carefully collected and catalogued evidence is laid out in a very thorough motion to the courts. It hasn't been posted at the court site just yet, but I can't wait to read it all! I imagine there are details I've forgotten in this long journey!

If you want to read the motion, keep an eye out at the Riverside County Court website. Select Case Name Search. Search for Diaz, Heidi. The case number is RIC483005.

Kimkins Attorney Threatens Another Blogger for Speaking the Truth About His Client

This time it's AvenueGirl. (Hi Avenueirl!) Go read about it here, and savor the humor of it all. What an unprofessional thing to do! I wonder how the judge will view this stunt... This attorney knows why the KK counter-suit was tossed out of court, right?

I don't know whether to hope he's getting paid by the hour and it's costing his client big, or hope he's doing this special bonus work for free because that's all it is worth. Reading his motions makes me think he might be getting paid by the word.