Thursday, February 28, 2008

From the Kimkins Lawsuit Blog: Jeanessa has something to say!

To Heidi, the Principals, my Fellow Duckies and all who are interested…

First of all, I’m angry. So, this probably won’t carry the polite tone I try to keep in my normal, everyday interactions with everybody. Forgive me now and let’s keep it moving.
I can’t thank the principals and others enough for being brave enough to put their names and faces on the fight against Kimkins and I can’t thank the Duck Squad (of which I am proud, card-carrying member!) enough for working hard and never letting up on revealing the lies and providing the information that has been needed to get this case off the ground. That being said, it has come to my attention that at least one of the principal representatives in the consumer fraud class action lawsuit against and Heidi Diaz has been potentially scrutinized by Heidi and, possibly, her defense team.
I was well aware of the potential for this type of thing and did try to warn anyone who was interested in standing up against Heidi that this might be the case as the court proceedings progressed. So, rest assured, none of us has gone into this with our eyes closed.
Still, I have a few things to say.
Heidi, I understand that you are backed into a corner and are trying to strike out any way that you know how. I can appreciate that. But I also want to point out that you would not be in the corner you’re in if you hadn’t decided to scam us in the first place.
This lawsuit is not about you cleaning up your act and trying to establish a website and diet plan that follows the rules. This lawsuit is not about you telling the truth after the fact. This lawsuit is about the years of lies and web of deceit that you used to cheat desperate, overweight women out of millions of dollars.
I can empathize with the struggles you’ve had in your life and with the gratification that the adulation you received via weight loss messageboards over the last decade or so has provided for you and if you had stopped there, I would have nothing to say to you. But you crossed a line when you used your lies and deceit to get my money and the money of other people like me.
You committed a crime and your main defense is to blame the victim. A rape victim’s name can no longer be sullied simply because she wore a short skirt and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Neither can the name of any of us Principals be sullied simply because we chose the wrong diet at the wrong time.
It doesn’t matter how many diets I’ve been on in the past.
It doesn’t matter how much weight I have gained and lost.
It doesn’t matter if my marriage failed.
It doesn’t matter if I have made poor life choices in the past.
It just doesn’t matter.
Because I am not responsible for your actions. You are.
You lied to get money. You committed consumer fraud in voilation of the business laws in the State and Country in which you reside and it is my intention to see you face litigation through the justice system.
My empathy and sympathy for you begins and ends back in 2005 when you decided to launch You have had numerous opportunities to change the course of what is happening to you. You made your choice.
John Tiedt informed me that my deposition will take place some time in the near future. I can’t wait for it. As you can see, I have plenty to say.
To the Principals, if anybody makes any contact with you, your friends or family in regards to or Heidi Diaz, refer them to our attorney, John Tiedt. And if you need anything from me, I am a phone call or email away.
Play nice.


I've been reading Amy B's blog this morning and I'm completely outraged for her.

Just LOOK at what Heidi Diaz had the nerve to say to her!

Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2007 7:39 PM
Subject: Banned
To answer your question, you are banned.

I am done dealing with the issues on the group. I will let you back in group but you will follow what I say.

No more talk about your hair. You have hair so stop talking about it. IT can not be falling out that much.

I do not want any talk about your Dr telling you to add foods back in. That will just make you gain weight . NO talk of vitamins .No medical issues at all.

You do not mention Jimmy Moore on my site. You need to reconsider a lunch meeting. I am very upset that you would consider this after the UTube video he made making fun of Kimkins. Just do not meet him.

Enough of the fake niceness. No one can be that nice. You pop in and out with fake nice post. Stop it. It seems you do this to make me mad.

I gave you a membership, use it wisely. Or Else.

Or Else? WTH? This girl was having medical issues with her son, medical issues herself BECAUSE of the Kimkins starvation diet, and Kimmer THREATENS her? What the heck kind of cult does she think she's running? And what does she know about what issues Amy may or may not have been having? She'd never even done her own starvation diet. Remember, THIS is what Heidi Diaz looked like at that time:

That's the day she issued her famous "Can I take that back?" line? Here's another version of that line - an email from Heidi just a few days later:

From: Kimmer
Sent: Wenesday, December 05, 2007 4:54 PM
Subject: Re

Oh I did not know you were banned. How did that happen? I thought you left on your own. I noticed your pictures were gone and I missed seeing them. I could of hit the wrong button, I am not computer savvy.

I will fix your account now.

Amy B, I'm sorry she did this to you. You were manipulated and emotionally abused. I'm glad you're free of her now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dr. Phil: Eating Disorder Warning Signs

From Eating Disorder Warning Signs (comments in red are mine)

Eating disorders are what Dr. Phil calls a "silent epidemic." In the beginning, girls may choose to restrict their diets or to purge for one reason, but they end up continuing to do so because it becomes an addiction. (This is my biggest fear about Kimkins!) Early intervention (Kimkins admins can't help with that, not even for a $70 fee) is crucial because once an eating disorder gets a grip on someone, it's far more difficult to treat.

There are warning signs that you do need to be looking for. "First off, you never see them eat. You'll see them push their food around the plate, but you'll see every kind of avoidance technique you can imagine (a significant Kimkins trait) because they regard food as poison," Dr. Phil explains. "If they're acting around food as though it's toxic or poisonous, that should be a clue for you."

Also, has your child been dressing in baggy clothes? "You're going to see really bulky sweaters and baggy pants to hide the weight loss and disguise the body," Dr. Phil says. "Look for extreme behaviors. Look for deception. Look for hiding."

Additional warning signs:
A significant change in apparent appetite (SNATT, anyone?)
Excessive weight loss and an intense fear of weight gain (Another Kimkins characteristic... "I've been stalled for 2 days!")
An unnatural preoccupation with food and calories (veggies measured in a jello cup?)
An obsession with clothing size, scales and mirrors
Routine secrecy, such as leaving the table immediately after eating to go behind closed doors
Avoidance of family meals or events at which food is present (Have heard this at Kimkins a lot, too)
Wearing bulky clothes to hide weight loss
Excessive exercise (Oops, no exercise needed if you want to look like Kimmer!)
Social withdrawal and moodiness (Heidi Diaz! Wonder Woman! Any number of alter-egos!))

From The Show
Eating Disorders

Related Links
Overcoming an Eating Disorder


All my Kimkins venom aside, this is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I really want you to be AWARE. You can't dabble in anorexia in the quest to lose weight. You can't starve your body even for a short time without suffering damage. And losing weight that way means short-term weight loss - do you really want to have to lose all those stinking pounds again?

Be safe!

Former Kimkins Members in San Diego County

If you are a former Kimkins member and you reside in San Diego County, John Tiedt would like to hear from you. Please email John.

Former Kimkins members are eligible to join the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit. It is very easy to do - watch this entertaining and helpful video. There is strength in numbers. Remember, Heidi Diaz got you to her site with lies. You were scammed!

If you have already joined the Lawsuit, please be sure that you get your affidavit to John as soon as possible.

Thanks yall!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Should Pro-Anorexia and Pro-Bulimia Websites Be Closed?

The following article is from here: Pro-Anorexia Websites 'Must Be Closed'

Health experts have launched a campaign against pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia websites to coincide with the start of Eating Disorders Week.

Specialists from Affinity Healthcare, which operates one of the country's largest eating disorders units at Cheadle Royal Hospital, Cheshire, want the campaign to make people more aware of the dangers of sites that promote eating disorders. It also wants internet service providers and social networks such as Facebook and MySpace to closely monitor the worst sites.

Over 1.1 million Britons suffer from an eating disorder with 90% being women, although experts say this number is higher as many cases go undiagnosed. The rise of the internet and new media has played a significant part in the increase in people with eating disorders, with websites and social networking sites providing easier access to information on how to get thin.

A recent study found that young women exposed to pro-ana websites subsequently felt more negative, had lower self-esteem, perceived themselves as heavier and were more likely to compare their bodies with other women.

Dr Ty Glover consultant psychiatrist at Cheadle Royal Hospital said: "We are horrified at the content of these sites and the tips they give on how to be thin.

"People with eating disorders are extremely vulnerable and often have very low self esteem, so pro-ana and pro-mia sites can be very damaging as they are sending out the wrong advice.

"The sites promote anorexia as a lifestyle but in reality it leads to long-term damage such as osteoporosis, hair loss, kidney problems, periods stopping, bad skin, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, stomach pains, constipation and in the most severe cases, death."

What a slippery slope. As one of the commenters to the article said, should every site that gives people a bad idea be closed down? Well, no. But who gets to decide what should be allowed and what is not?

I am against censorship, but I do feel a strong responsibility to look out for victims. It makes for some interesting personal conflict. I don't think it's a great idea to have websites with detailed instructions for building bombs, or for killing people, for example. Not everyone who finds themselves on a pro-ED site is an adult. Not everyone knows the danger they are getting into. Not everyone is well. How can they be protected from being lured into danger?

My experience with the Kimkins scam taught me how people can get caught up in the idea of eating less, learning tricks to lose appetite, going lower and lower until they lose all perspective about what is good for them. Most don't even realize how little they are eating, or if they do they still think it's too much. They hear the constant hum of 'it's OK to feel sick from it', 'you'll be ok', 'it won't hurt you', 'you're tough enough for this', 'you want to be thin', 'being overweight is the worst thing that can happen to you'. People get drawn in, thinking they can just do it for a while and then quit when they're done. Then they find out they can't quit. I know this isn't quite the same thing as the pro-ana sites, but there are some interesting parallels, and I can see where being in an environment can lead a person to go farther than they could on their own.

What do you think about this topic? I'd love to know.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kimkins News

Heidi Diaz and Kimkins have drawn the attention of

You can catch the story here:
Kimkins Diet Rolls On Despite Founder's Excess Poundage

It's a good overview of the story, and really gratifying to see some real coverage!

Even better, the story was picked up by
MSN! It's so important that prospective clients be able to find information about the plan. In June, when the lie/ad/story hit Woman's World, Google was completely saturated with ads and spam.

Please head over to those sites and show your appreciation for their coverage!

ETA: I'm so sorry - my original post said MSNBC but it's MSN!

A Little Exercise for National Eating Disorders Week

Bamagal pointed this out to me via her blog:

A little exercise for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Like many women, I can't remember a time when I wasn't trying to sort out what to eat, how much I should eat, how I can lose weight. I've lost my sense of what 'eating normally' should look like. Can you relate? I'd love to hear from you.

Do you have an eating disorder? Take the quiz MrsMenopausal posted today.

A Pair of New Blogs to Check Out

Here are a couple of blogs I added to my blog roll tonight. I hope you enjoy them!

Weighing the Facts

Diet Whoas!

If you haven't done it in a while, work your way around the blog ring to see what folks are talking about!

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 24-March 1, 2008

Here are some sobering statistics to consider:

Eating disorders affect up to ten million U.S. females, and 1 million males. That's triple the number of people living with AIDS in this country! It's a significant and deadly illness, yet receives precious little awareness in comparison.

42 percent of girls in first through third grade want to be thinner

As many as 13% of all females in the US will struggle with an eating disorder each year.

Approximately 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat

51% of 9-10 year olds report feeling better about themselves while dieting

Teen girls who ate five or more meals a week with their families were nearly one-third less likely to develop extreme weight control behaviors, such as self-induced vomiting and abuse of laxatives, diet pills or diuretics, than girls who ate less often with their families.

Anorexia is thought to have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder, with approximately 10% of those who are diagnosed with the disorder eventually dying due to related causes.

The suicide rate of people with anorexia is also higher than that of the general population and is thought to be the major cause of death for those with the condition.

Less than one-half recover fully, one-third improve, and 20% remain chronically ill.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kimkins Risks for Heart Patients

Honeybee's done her homework, and has a great post up:

Getting At The Heart Of The Matter- Kimkins Cardio Risks

Here's an excerpt. Please go read the whole thing on her blog - it's really an important post:

Below are 17 cases of death in a group of individuals who died suddenly, due to cardiac changes, following a vLCD.

While reviewing the study, it is important to keep in mind the points surrounding the individuals that did die:

The median age was 35 years old, they had been on the diet from 2 to 8 months, had lost a substantial amount of weight (86lbs), that was stated to be at a rapid rate which computed to 4.6 pounds a week. The level of physician monitoring range from very thorough to infrequent and 11 of the17 were not taking any other medications- besides vitamins/supplements for the diet.

It appears that the rate of weight loss in those patients who died suddenly is comparable to the fast weight loss noted by kimkins members and so was the low calorie level in these cases approximately 300 to 400 calories a day. The patients in the study also took a prenatal vitamin daily, potassium in different dosages, and some also took calcium supplements.

The take away point is that, these people who died, were in better nutritional and monitoring situations, than the average kimkins dieter.

Scary, scary stuff. You don't have to 'take Kimkins to extremes' to have this occur - just following the plan as written puts you at risk.

(Kimmer, please call your cardiologist if you have actually been following your own diet!)

Kimkins Lawsuit Update

There is an update from the Kimkins Lawsuit Blog.

Anyone who thinks we are picking on poor, misunderstood, repentant, contrite and humble Heidi Diaz should take a look.

If you are/were a Kimkins member, you were scammed (whether you feel like you were or not) and are eligible to join the Kimkins lawsuit. If you are/were a US tax payer, you were also scammed. This is evidence in a lawsuit, not rumors. Anyone who knows how hard it is to get SSDI and Medicare for people who truly need it will be REALLY angry about Kimkins now!

Also note that the motion to quash the writ of attachment has been put off for another month. That means the assets are still frozen, so it's as good as a win in my eyes!

Elle Has Moved!

No, not THIS Elle.

This one: Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Pickles. Seriously good blog. She has a new post up, with Helpful Hints for Heidi. Check it out. And don't forget to update your blog roll!

Why Heidi Diaz Marketing to Teens is Shameful

Here is a recent article about teens, dieting and eating disorders.

Many Overweight Teens Have Same Eating Disorders as Thin Peers

From the article:

A new study of teenagers has found that the same risk factors are associated with both being overweight and with disordered eating behaviors like binge eating and using diet pills. Moreover, food-related problems are extraordinarily common among urban teens — affecting 44 percent of adolescent girls and 29 percent of boys.

Heidi Diaz is no dummy. She knows that those are exactly the people she is going to reach with her viral marketing that suggest stars like Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan are using Kimkins. (They are not.) She is preying on young people to get them to part with their money. Here is a picture from the Kimmer blog, taken today. The post is several months old, but despite the ongoing lawsuit and intense scrutiny of her business actions, Heidi Diaz has left it out there:

More from the article:

More than one-third of the overweight girls in the study engaged in what the researchers called “extreme weight control behaviors,” like vomiting or taking diet pills or laxatives in an attempt to lose weight. “We usually look for these behaviors in very thin girls, but here we see a very high prevalence in overweight girls,” said lead author Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Ph.D., professor of public health at the University of Minnesota.

It doesn’t faze Heidi Diaz at all that she’s introducing or reinforcing exactly these dangerous eating patterns - remember the daily laxative advice? Remember the story of the teenage girl on Kimkins who was treated badly for suggesting she needed to eat more than the 500 calories she was getting? Heidi knew how old she was and still gave her bad diet advice and didn’t protect her from people (even site Admins) who viciously attacked her.

If you haven't joined Kimkins, please consider very carefully the kind of business woman she is. If you are a member of the site, please consider very carefully whether or not she is the kind of woman you want to lend credibility to by continuing to participate at her site.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

News Item: Strokes Among Middle-Aged Women Triple

Strokes Among Middle-Aged Women Triple

This article reports that strokes in middle aged women have tripled recently, and blames the obesity epidemic. They're looking for easy answers and are looking in the wrong direction!

It happened even though more women in the recent survey were on medicines to control their cholesterol and blood pressure — steps that lower the risk of stroke.

Really? Have they been reading the news lately about those kinds of medications being far less effective than they thought?
Women's waistlines are nearly two inches bigger than they were a decade earlier, and that bulge corresponds with the increase in strokes, researchers said.

That's because of excess insulin, which causes fat accumulation around the midsection.
In addition, women's average body mass index, a commonly used measure of obesity, rose from 27 in the earlier survey to 29. They also had higher blood sugar levels.

High carb, low fat diet - and insulin again!
In a "pre-stroke population" of middle-age women, a tripling of cases is "an alarming increase," said Dr. Ralph Sacco, neurology chief at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

I wonder how researchers will respond to this alarming news? Develop more drugs, and tell women it's their own fault they're fat and they need to just eat less fat.

Researchers saw that the stroke rate had spiked in middle-aged women but stayed about the same — around 1 percent — in middle-aged men. So they looked deeper at the responses to see if they could learn why.

Belly fat stood out, Towfighi said. The portion of women with abdominal obesity rose from 47 percent in the earlier survey to 59 percent in the recent one. The change in men was smaller, and previous studies have shown that "abdominal obesity is a stronger risk factor for women than men," she said.

No mention of insulin here, just obesity. It's the insulin, people!
Obesity "sets the stage for all the other risk factors to come in" like
diabetes and heart disease, Gorelick added.

Don't you think maybe the word obesity should be replaced with excess insulin there? Being FAT doesn't cause the problem. It's how the people got fat that matters! Instead, it becomes a blame game - are patients too weak to lose weight? Where have we heard that before?

The article stops short of drawing any conclusions at this point, and moves on to say how much more likely you are to die if you have a stroke during off hours. Um. OK. Thanks.

Spreading half information about obesity is counterproductive. Worse, you can pretty much bet that Heidi Diaz will be blogging about how much more dangerous it is to be obese than to starve yourself thin on her yo-yo Kimkins crash diet, as a twisted and dangerous marketing ploy. Don't fall for it! Trading one set of health problems for another is not the way to go. Heidi Diaz is a stroke waiting to happen - she's diabetic, stressed out to the max, obese despite her own miracle diet and the millions she makes selling it, and her metabolism is shot. Heidi Diaz is not the right person to dispense medical advice!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This post has been updated. I was so angry when I posted it that what I wrote didn't make any sense.

Did you SEE this???

Elle magazine: Anorexia is “hot”

Elle, a popular international magazine targeted at young women, is glamourizing anorexia! It's disgusting.

Here is a really important point, from the Disordered Times discussion of the article:

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard anxious, insecure women say, “I wish I could catch a little anorexia!” as if the most fatal of all psychiatric diseases is something you can casually and socially contract, like the common cold, and just as easily recover from.

People are desperate to lose weight, and really do think thoughts like that. They don't know the danger they are flirting with. (Those are the people that predators like Heidi Diaz go after!) It's horrifying that anyone would encourage those feelings in young women by writing about it like it's just a little cosmetic tweaking.

Contact Elle magazine and tell them just what you think of this topic here.


Updated again to link to some other blog posts about this:
Anorexia is not a fashion accesory, Elle Magazine - Right on, GCSWP! Your blog rocks!
Kimorexia is Furious, and No Wonder... - thanks for the link, Medusa. Your blog rocks, too!
Quickie Mish Mash Post - lots of great info, Bama!
Note to Elle magazine: Anorexia is not “hot”
Elle Reveals Men Actually Think Anorexia is Sexy

Kimkins Made a Top Diets List!

The Kimkins accolades just keep coming.It is #2 on the list of most ridiculous diets!

Here's what it says about Kimkins:

This one is like Atkins but with creator Kimmer's twist. That twist is really eating somewhere between 500-1200 calories per day which if you're eating that low, you're going to lose weight. Is it a healthy way to lose weight, I'd say not. The biggie though was the scam scandal as "Kimmer" turned out to be not what she said she was. Kimmer claimed to have lost 198 lbs in 6 months on her diet creation and stayed at her new weight when really she had gained all the weight back but didn't tell anyone until she got "caught on film." Word of caution, don't pay money to be part of program riddled with scandal.

Definitely a 50,000 foot view that is light on details. I have mixed feelings about this award, as I think it is a far more dangerous diet than a ridiculous one, but bad publicity is bad publicity after all, so I'll embrace the news!

If it's too late for you to Say No to Kimkins, join the Kimkins lawsuit!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make any sound?

How about if a magazine publishes an apology on an UNUSED website, is it still an apology?

That's just what Woman's World Magazine has done. They have finally "apologized" for their role in catapulting Heidi Diaz to millionaire status by irresponsibly marketing her hazardous Kimkins diet and phony Kimkins photos.

Here is where they posted it:

The problem? That’s not a home page for the magazine! The magazine doesn’t have an online presence. If you do a web search for the magazine, this one doesn’t come up. The only thing you can see on that site is the apology:

A statement from Woman's World Magazine
Please accept our apology
We at Woman’s World pride ourselves on finding inspiring diet successes to share with our readers every week. That’s why we were so distressed to learn that Kim Drake, the founder of, gave us inaccurate information about herself and her weight loss. Though the article appeared several months ago, in our June 12, 2007 issue, and nutritionists assure us the diet information we provided was accurate, we deeply regret having shared with you a story we can’t stand behind. Your trust means everything to us, and we want to bring you the very best magazine we can, each and every week.

The CONTACT US link is for Let's let them know what we think!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Snake Oil for Weight Loss

Dr. David Katz, the doctor in the piece about Kimkins on Good Morning America, doesn't mince any words when he refers to the Kimkins diet! Check out his post here:

Snake Oil for Weight Loss

He said:

Until Good Morning America asked me to 'weigh in' on the Kimkins weight loss plan (click here for this morning's video), I had never heard of it. But apparently, an awful lot of people had, and many of them plunked down their cash.

Legal action will likely eliminate the hazard of this particular load of dietary nonsense. But as long as there is a fortune to be made preying on the gullibilities of a population desperate for rapid, easy weight loss, you can be sure another load will take its place.

You can help prevent that. Pass every promise through the filter of your common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, step away from your credit card, and nobody will get hurt. Don't go in for losing weight as fast as possible- cholera works beautifully, but that scarcely makes it a good choice. Much the same is true of extreme, unsustainable diets.

The tried and true here folks- the horror!- is the same as it ever was: eating well, being active. The rest is new-age cyber-space snake oil. Pass it on, and let's put all the charlatans out of business.

His view of Kimkins is right on! However, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the implication that victims didn't use their common sense. The Kimkins victims aren't to blame, Heidi Diaz is. Heidi Diaz intentionally made herself out to be an authority. Who could argue with Kimkins success? She tightly wound facts with disordered logic, and was very believable to many people. That doesn't mean they are gullible. They chose based on the information they had at the time. Let's keep the blame where it belongs! I still appreciate Dr. Katz helping to spread the word about Kimkins, and I hope that he participates in getting this fraud stopped!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday. In that spirit, I'll share with you a couple of articles about dietary fat.

First, Why You Need Fat in Your Diet, by Jillian Michaels. She says that dietary fat is essential.

I shared that article first because it's short and non-technical, and because Jillian is right that dietary fat is essential for health. Where we diverge in opinion is over the saturated fat issue.

Now here's a really superior read, What If Saturated Fat Is Not the Problem? by Regina Willshire.I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Image credit:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Chicken Wing Is The Problem!

From MJR's blog:
When Are They Going To Quit Starving Themselves?

This is what this Kimkins member is eating in a day. (Not a meal, a DAY!) She's exercising, too.

4 oz of protein shake
1 chicken wing for lunch
Egg salad for snack Unsweet tea w/equal…

Since she doesn't specify, I have no choice but to estimate. I didn't go out of my way to choose low numbers, I just took my best guess. You could double the numbers and still be talking about a starvation diet. Triple them, and it would still be nutritionally abysmal.
  • Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein Liquid Shake - 160 calories for 11
    ounces, so about 60 calories, 13g protein for 4 ounces (nutrition info from
    their website)
  • Large chicken wing with skin - 132 calories, 12g protein
  • 2 large eggs - 155 calories, 13g protein (fitday)
  • 1T diet mayonnaise - 30 calories (fitday)

That's 377 calories and 28 grams of protein. This member is complaining about not losing fast - only 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Heidi Diaz said that's a good loss, but went on to tell this member she shouldn't have chosen the high fat chicken wing, and could save fat & calories by going with leaner protein. She didn't tell the person to eat more, she just told her how to cut back farther.

How could this be OK with anyone??? And remember, the person telling this woman how to cut further looks like this: