Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Chicken Wing Is The Problem!

From MJR's blog:
When Are They Going To Quit Starving Themselves?

This is what this Kimkins member is eating in a day. (Not a meal, a DAY!) She's exercising, too.

4 oz of protein shake
1 chicken wing for lunch
Egg salad for snack Unsweet tea w/equal…

Since she doesn't specify, I have no choice but to estimate. I didn't go out of my way to choose low numbers, I just took my best guess. You could double the numbers and still be talking about a starvation diet. Triple them, and it would still be nutritionally abysmal.
  • Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein Liquid Shake - 160 calories for 11
    ounces, so about 60 calories, 13g protein for 4 ounces (nutrition info from
    their website)
  • Large chicken wing with skin - 132 calories, 12g protein
  • 2 large eggs - 155 calories, 13g protein (fitday)
  • 1T diet mayonnaise - 30 calories (fitday)

That's 377 calories and 28 grams of protein. This member is complaining about not losing fast - only 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Heidi Diaz said that's a good loss, but went on to tell this member she shouldn't have chosen the high fat chicken wing, and could save fat & calories by going with leaner protein. She didn't tell the person to eat more, she just told her how to cut back farther.

How could this be OK with anyone??? And remember, the person telling this woman how to cut further looks like this:


Medusa said...

Great post, OYB! Thanks for crunching those numbers. It's absolutely shocking.

You know what I'd like to do with that chicken wing? Shove it up that big liar's....ummm, I think you get the picture.

How could Heidi Diaz, in all good conscience, tell that poor woman that she should replace that lousy chicken wing with some lean-protein substitute?

Hold on! I'm guilty of an oxymoron. I can't believe I used Heidi's name in the same sentence as "conscience." Can I take that back?

My blog: Medusa

2BIG said...

thank you for crunching those numbers
truely blind kimkins.con members must not be seeing this on the site cause they swear kimmer don't do that.
Dana are you reading?

I need to add a link to this on my kinkins is not kimkins page


Yust Yucky said...

And what does Kimmer say to one of her members attempting to survive on starvation rations?


Barbara B said...

This poor woman is SAD because she ONLY lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks???

I don't know how much more pain we all can take reading these posts.

I never was a Kimkins member, never followed her wacky diet. But I have shed tears for people I don't know and can't help. THIS CANNOT STAND! We have to get rid of this woman and her control over poor, innocent people. Well, reaching for the tissues again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for running the numbers!
It's shocking to see it in "black and white"

Kimmer is a VERY SICK woman to be pushing this member to go "LOWER"
I can't even find the right adjective to describe her. It's BELOW disgusting.

She NEEDS to be held accountable for the harm she has caused so many. I hope & pray that the FEDS will "take action" SOON!

OhYeahBabe said...

Kimkinsscam, my word for her is UNCONSCIONABLE.