Thursday, February 14, 2008

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make any sound?

How about if a magazine publishes an apology on an UNUSED website, is it still an apology?

That's just what Woman's World Magazine has done. They have finally "apologized" for their role in catapulting Heidi Diaz to millionaire status by irresponsibly marketing her hazardous Kimkins diet and phony Kimkins photos.

Here is where they posted it:

The problem? That’s not a home page for the magazine! The magazine doesn’t have an online presence. If you do a web search for the magazine, this one doesn’t come up. The only thing you can see on that site is the apology:

A statement from Woman's World Magazine
Please accept our apology
We at Woman’s World pride ourselves on finding inspiring diet successes to share with our readers every week. That’s why we were so distressed to learn that Kim Drake, the founder of, gave us inaccurate information about herself and her weight loss. Though the article appeared several months ago, in our June 12, 2007 issue, and nutritionists assure us the diet information we provided was accurate, we deeply regret having shared with you a story we can’t stand behind. Your trust means everything to us, and we want to bring you the very best magazine we can, each and every week.

The CONTACT US link is for Let's let them know what we think!

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2BIG said...

maybe if they included a line about this apology appears in our March edition on the newstand Feb 28th it might go better, but still it is a very tricky worded apology not saying anything about the actual kimkins diet just the actusal diet info they provided which was not about kimkins just atkins and net effective carbs quotes from Kimmer and from Dr P.

would love to see an apology for presenting a nutrtionally bankrupt diet too.