Friday, February 22, 2008

Kimkins Lawsuit Update

There is an update from the Kimkins Lawsuit Blog.

Anyone who thinks we are picking on poor, misunderstood, repentant, contrite and humble Heidi Diaz should take a look.

If you are/were a Kimkins member, you were scammed (whether you feel like you were or not) and are eligible to join the Kimkins lawsuit. If you are/were a US tax payer, you were also scammed. This is evidence in a lawsuit, not rumors. Anyone who knows how hard it is to get SSDI and Medicare for people who truly need it will be REALLY angry about Kimkins now!

Also note that the motion to quash the writ of attachment has been put off for another month. That means the assets are still frozen, so it's as good as a win in my eyes!

1 comment:

Mayberryfan said...

OYB, great post! Yes it's the despicable creeps of the world like Heidi who make it harder for those truly need help to get it. Heidi's fraud extends way beyond what she's done to the low-carb dieting community.

Heidi is a dangerous, evil woman and I cannot wait for justice to catch up with her!