Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kimkins Made a Top Diets List!

The Kimkins accolades just keep coming.It is #2 on the list of most ridiculous diets!

Here's what it says about Kimkins:

This one is like Atkins but with creator Kimmer's twist. That twist is really eating somewhere between 500-1200 calories per day which if you're eating that low, you're going to lose weight. Is it a healthy way to lose weight, I'd say not. The biggie though was the scam scandal as "Kimmer" turned out to be not what she said she was. Kimmer claimed to have lost 198 lbs in 6 months on her diet creation and stayed at her new weight when really she had gained all the weight back but didn't tell anyone until she got "caught on film." Word of caution, don't pay money to be part of program riddled with scandal.

Definitely a 50,000 foot view that is light on details. I have mixed feelings about this award, as I think it is a far more dangerous diet than a ridiculous one, but bad publicity is bad publicity after all, so I'll embrace the news!

If it's too late for you to Say No to Kimkins, join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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