Tuesday, January 22, 2008


From the transcript for the Kimkins piece on Good Morning America, here is what SingingLass/Delaney had to say about eating disorders and Kimkins:

DELANEY DEAVER (aka SingingLass): We don’t tell people to starve, we encourage them to eat and I think there’s gonna be eating disorders that happen, you know, in any situation when somebody has an issue with food, but we try to prevent that from happening by giving people support.
(GMA's Kimkins story is here)

I don't really know if SingingLass encourages people to eat, but people have been fired or left the site over their concern over exactly the opposite of 'encouraging people to eat'. Kimmer's 'support' for eating disorders is at best, enabling, and at worst, instruction. The fraud is bad. The lying is bad. Taking advantage of consumer vulnerability is bad. Abusing members is bad. But beyond bad is the culture of disordered eating and thinking that Kimkins has created there. She entices vulnerable people with her half truths and lies, and the affected people don't even realize what is happening to them until they are sick.

I tried to find a word that conveys how I feel about all this shocking and morally unacceptable practice, and came up with:


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mariasol said...

I like "unconscionable." Very fitting.
I had problems finding words for a recent blog post I made. Or words that you can find in a dictionary, that is.