Friday, January 25, 2008

About those Kimkins salads...

I just read an interesting blog post at the Atkins Low Carb Original 1970's Diet blog called I Thought My Salad Was Healthy! It referred to a small study about nutrient absorbtion in salads.
Here is the study abstract.

Here are some related articles:
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Food fallacy: fat-free salad dressing is best
Fat-free salad dressing may not be best after all

What I got out of this was that the pathetically small amount of nutrients in those tiny little (optional!) lettuce salads on the Kimkins diet, with fat free spritzer dressing, are even lower in nutrition than nature intended because of the absorbtion issue caused by the lack of fat in the dressing (and the diet). Kimkins is too low in nutrition as it is, but because of the design of the diet, the body doesn't even get to use what you do eat.


PraiseFiddler said...

Thanks for stopping by my blogs. Come back anytime. I plan to check out your blog too.

PraiseFiddler said...

I also thought I would mention how glad I am to have escaped the clutches of Kimkins before I got totally wrapped up in it. The part that turned me off of kimkins is not so much how she [Heidi Diaz] looked personally but how she treated some of her employees and how she personally responded to some of my messages about stuff I shouldn't eat knowing full well she was chowing down on it herself!

OhYeahBabe said...

Welcome, Praisefidler! I'm glad you got away from Kimkins with your health. I realize that most people do, by grace or by strength. But the people who don't are in really bad shape and it just kills me that Heidi Diaz doesn't care.

Sherrie said...

I think maybe Regina (weight of the evidence) might have posted about this study before, sometime last year?