Monday, January 21, 2008

Does Skinny = Healthy?

Is being thin automatically healthier than being heavier? Not necessarily.

I just watched a piece on the Today show, about Skinny Fat people. The story hasn't been posted online yet, so check later. This story reminded me of Kimkins. (Ooh, did you see Kimkins on GMA yesterday?) One of the major premises of the Kimkins diet is that being thin is healthier and less risky than being overweight, no matter how you lost the weight. Not true.

Skinny fat is when a person is not overweight, but doesn't exercise or get adequate nutrition. Poor muscle tone, poor circulation and poor overall health lead to a situation where a person looks good in clothes but not so good undressed. Not sexy! And the person can die of the same diseases as overweight people do, because of the chronic disregard for health.

This is one of the ways that Kimkins can damage you. Kimkins does not incorporate exercise, does not support intake of sufficient protein, fats, vegetables, fiber or water. The result is, if you're 'tough enough' to endure the diet, the weight comes down while muscles waste away, cells suffer, and health deteriorates. Maintenance of the weight loss is extraordinarily difficult due to decreased metabolism. Weight gain is likely, leading to a yo yo situation that is devastating to the heart.

What is your goal? Skinny? Or trim, healthy, fit & SEXY?

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