Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kimkins menu changes

Looks like some things about the menu have changed, or not changed the way I thought, since last I saw the information. Here is is what the website says today:

Kimkins Diet Plans

Kimkins is purposely designed as a very simple and
extremely effective weight loss plan! There’s no complicated rules, formulas or
food combinations. We suggest a minimum of 800 calories per day or per your
doctor’s recommendation.

Listed below are the guidelines for each
Kimkins Diet option. That’s it! Pick the one you like, follow the easy rules
exactly and enjoy fast weight loss!

The original Kimkins Diet

As much lean protein as desired from the Kimkins Food List
0-20 total carbs per day(no fiber or sugar alcohol subtraction)
0-3 cups List 1 veggies per day OR
0-2 cups List 1 veggies + 0-1 cup List 2 veggies per day
Use minimal fat to make your menu work (careful, calories count!)
No alcohol or low carb products (sugar free candy, energy bars, ice cream, frozen meals)
Your appetite will reduce naturally after 3-5 days
Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements

Can I modify the Kimkins Food Lists?

Please don’t. If it’s not the list, don’t eat or drink it! Remember that Kimkins is a lean low carb plan. The #1 reason for slow weight loss is “modifying”. High calorie items
that may appear on other low carb diets are not allowed on Kimkins, including
chicken wings, pork rinds, beef jerky, peanut butter, liberal cheese, cream and
cream cheese
The items in red are updates. Apparently they do say to get at least 800 calories, although the eating plan makes that unlikely. Without eating the kinds of higher fat items Kimmer specifies at the end, how will you get to 800 calories a day? There is only so much chicken breast a gal can eat. And then there's the fact that 800 calories is still not enough, and a multivitamin doesn't make up for the malnourishment this plan carries. Remember, many vitamins are fat soluble, and many nutrients will still be seriously lacking.

I thought that Kimmer had removed the 'zero to' wording from the menu, but it's still there. That means you can eat no vegetables, no added fats, and live on egg whites or chicken breasts and still be on plan. This, and Kimmer's cheerleading, is what led to the egg white challenges (really go read that link - Kimmer endorsed this!). Get into ketosis, lose your appetite, have a few egg whites and maybe some chicken broth, and lose weight, muscle, hair and metabolism. No faster diet. None. You don't even know how little you're eating unless you track it carefully and DO THE MATH. Kimmer will tell you not to worry, though, because there's no need to eat at all so long as there is fat left on your body.

You don't know this is what you're paying for until you've plunked down your nonrefundable $79.95, of course.

Does anyone have the bootcamp menu to share? It's worse, and adds exercise.

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2BIG said...

thanks for posting this for the world to see. I had a commentor on my blog tell me she could see inside Kimkins.com and there were different words for the directions. and Kimmer wasn't advocating lower cals and lower fats.