Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tippy / Jeannie Got $erved

Tippy Toes posted recently about getting served in the Kimkins counter-suit. The counter-suit is basically targeted at anyone who ever disagreed with Heidi Diaz about anything as far as I can tell. It's ridiculous. As far as I can see, the only thing Heidi will get out of it is the glee at forcing people to pay the $300 filing fee. She won't have the last laugh, though.

Tippy didn't do anything to deserve to be sued. She was humiliatingly loyal to Heidi - on national television, even. When she finally realized how she was being used and how she was aiding a scam, she went off and quietly started her own private forum. No crime in that. People from Kimkins were welcomed, but they weren't required to LEAVE Kimkins to join, so how did that hurt Heidi Diaz or her business?

Heidi is just lashing out irrationally and it's going to cost her even more money in the end. Tippy, I'm sorry you had to pay that money. It's a better investment than the stock market, right? You're in good hands with John Tiedt!

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