Monday, August 24, 2009

Will Kimkins Founder Heidi Diaz Face the Music Today?

As I'm writing this, the big court hearing is about one hour away. During the discovery phase, huge volumes of evidence of fraudulent marketing for the Kimkins diet were compiled. Heidi Diaz' lies are carefully documented, including some big fat confessions when it became impossible to maintain the lies. This evidence took a couple of years to compile, by dozens of dedicated volunteers outraged at the deception (not to mention the dangerous diet itself). This evidence was pretty hard to find, thanks to the lies about lies about lies!

So much evidence was collected that now there is a motion for summary judgment to be evaluated in court today. Basically it says that there is so much evidence that it would be best to quit belaboring this thing and just get to the conclusion right away. I do hope that the judge rules in our favor! If he doesn’t, that certainly doesn’t signify defeat. It will just mean we need to continue being patient.

So many people have been hurt by this woman, and financially she benefited significantly from her lies and bullying and 'mistakes'. From my perspective, they were not mistakes but were calculated decisions made for only her own benefit. It's time for that to stop!

Thanks to everyone involved in this fight!

Here's the first news story I've found about today's court action:
Guru Sued for Alleged Diet Scam

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