Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Kimkins spam...

It's so odd to me that the Kimkins spam keeps pouring out, despite this week's court hearing to work out the details for the opt-out process for the class action lawsuit. This lawsuit IS going forward. If Heidi Diaz recruits new members now, knowing the viability of diet scam site is in serious jeopardy, will these new clients have any recourse?

I'm also really surprised that SingingLass / Delaney continues to let Heidi Diaz profit from her success story & photos. Has she continued toward her weight loss goals? Does she still consider Kimkins a sustainable diet? Hard to say, as the last time I heard there were no signs of her at Kimkins. Does she resent having been terribly used by Heidi Diaz? I really don't understand the loyalty - or fear? - that has kept Delaney from turning her back on Heidi and slamming the door.

Do new members wonder why the success stories aren't at Kimkins? If I joined the site after seeing in a promotion that Delaney had lost 130+ pounds at Kimkins, I'd really expect to see here there, wouldn't you?

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