Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't Call It Kimkins If It's Not!

If you are using some of the Kimkins principles to adapt another plan to lose weight, please don’t call it Kimkins. Kimmer has said, ‘If you tweak it, it’s not Kimkins!’

Kimkins is a crash diet. The Kimkins PR person said it is for TEMPORARY weight loss on the Mike & Juliet show (links to the show are on my side bar). It can damage your body and metabolism so that you find you can’t lose weight any other way! This is causing people who have lost weight on Kimkins to say “It works when nothing else will any more!” Wrecking your body isn’t ‘working’.

If you are making Kimkins ‘sensible’ by incorporating some of the ideas into another low carb plan, PLEASE DON’T CALL IT KIMKINS! If you are simply eating lean low carb, low fat / low carb, or even low calorie / low carb, then you aren’t doing Kimkins! Kimkins is low calorie, low fat, low carb. It’s low everything!

What’s the harm in calling your diet Kimkins if it isn’t? How would you feel if someone heard you say you lost weight doing Kimkins, and they turned around and gave Kimmer money? Do you want to help a fraud? And what if they followed Kimmer’s advice and ended up sick or damaged, because they didn't understand that they shouldn't follow Kimmer's directions without tweaking them beyond recognition? After all, they're paying for her advice, based on your implied endorsement.

Please, don’t call it Kimkins!


Medusa said...

OYB, thanks for setting the record straight on what the Kimkins starvation diet really is. I agree with you that tweaking the Kimkins diet makes it a totally different comparing apples to oranges. Calling a tweaked version of the Kimkins diet "Kimkins" is a complete misnomer.

Good work on exposing what the deadly Kimkins starvation diet truly is!

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mariasol said...

You are so right. It's frustrating when people give credit to Kimkins that they are not following in the first place.

OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks, Medusa, I enjoy your blog every day!
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OhYeahBabe said...

Agreed, Mariasol. Frustrating, and could easily lead someone to think the diet is OK. Friends don't let friends do the Kimkins Starvation Diet!
Kimorexia Blog

BamaGal said...

The Kimkins Diet does not exist except in the mind of Heidi Diaz AKA “Kimmer”. Bottom line it is Stillman's.

Never fork over hard earned money for the Kimkins Scam. When good FREE weight loss support is to be found all over the net.

Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit

Join Us, Say "NO" to Kimkins

Ex-Kimkinite said...

Kimmer herself said "if you tweak it, it's not Kimkins"

I think she may have meant, if you make it healthy, it's not Kimkins but you know...whatever ;-)

2BIG said...

Yep folk who alter the plan and still say they are following are in effect assisting Kimmer in running her fraud cause they appear to be a healthy follower when in fact they are anything but a follower of her plan.

2BIG said...

I'm adding this to my post about when is kimkins not kimkins.