Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big news day for lowcarb diets!

These are different interpretations of the same info. I think it's all good news! Will the world get it? I hope so!

OK, I think it'll take more than this, but still... I'll take good news where I can! Note that none of the articles says to starve yourself on a low-everything diet until you lose your menstrual cycle, muscle mass and hair.

Study: Low-carb diet best for weight, cholesterol
Low-carb and Mediterranean diets beat low-fat for weight-loss ...
Best Diet: Low-Fat, Low-Carb or Mediterranean?

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theTRUTH said...

Good news indeed. I did see this part though...

"The low-carb diet set limits for carbohydrates, but none for calories or fat. It urged dieters to choose vegetarian sources of fat and protein. So not a lot of butter and eggs and cream."

So they were probably eating a lot of soy protein and vegetable oils (with mono or poly unsaturated fat sources) Imagine how well they would have done with a proper low carb diet with real animal proteins and saturated fats. I suppose they could have been eating coconut oil as their vegetable source, but I doubt it.

Wonder how their estrogen levels were after eating all that soy protein? Too bad most of these studies don't go all the way towards challenging so called healthy eating choices. They just assume things like vegetable proteins and fats are better for you... sheesh. Can't complain too much though, because more useful studies might stem from this.