Monday, December 8, 2008

Remember when Heidi Diaz implied that Jessica Alba was on Kimkins?

She may be one of the most beautiful women in the world... but that doesn't stop Jessica Alba from getting airbrushed...

Airbrushed photos does sound like Kimkins, but of course we all know that Alba wasn't on Kimkins and that it was a lie to lure young women to the site. (I don't have to say allegedly - Heidi Diaz confessed to it in her deposition.) But I digress... this post isn't about Kimkins, though it's about one of the main reasons women get desperate enough to do Kimkins!

Just look at what they've done to Jessica Alba because apparently she's just not skinny enough for print:

See how they made her collarbones look like a person on a concentration camp diet? How they trimmed her waist, hips and legs? Trimmed her crotch? Chiseled her chin? Plumped up her boobs? Gave her that 'healthy' tan? Why? Because that body on the left, owned by the mother of a 5-month-old, just isn't perfect enough.

I think she looks better in the before shot, though I'd still like to hand her a sandwich.

The fact that this stuff is done routinely makes me sick. Even the untouched photos set a standard unattainable by the masses. Why then is it necessary to retouch the photo to add that "glamorous anorexic look'? This disgusting exploitation of models sets a standard that is sickening or killing young women every day! It's unconscionable that this is accepted - even expected - practice!

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Lora said...

This is standard practice in the entertainment industry. Since pretty much everything is digitized from movies, to pictures, to singers, who is know what is real anymore?

In fact, magazines have these types of "glamourizing" for over 100 years. Remember, the Gibson Girl of the early 20th Century. An imaginary sketch of a woman that captivated millions of young women around the world.