Thursday, April 17, 2008

Angry About Kimkins

In case anyone has forgotten why people are so angry at Heidi Diaz for the crash diet that is Kimkins, TheTruth has some important reminders - Heidi's own words.

Truly scary diet advice - this woman is teaching you what it takes to be as successful as The Kimmer.


theTRUTH said...

Thanks for the link back Babe. I feel dirty after reading and posting that stuff. I feel the need to put out a post reminding of the dangers of chronic stimulant laxative abuse.

Nancy Ellyn said...

I posted link on my blog, since you had all the info right there to click on. Thanks to you and thetruth for getting the word out and reminding us of the harm Heidi has done. The advice she was spewing was deadly!

HoneyBee said...

Thanks for the links all in one place , regarding the laxative abuse.
The way Kimmer has promoted laxative abuse has been documented and known for years, but yet she still denies that she recommended them.

Well, the proof is in the pudding- as they say.
Although, it brings a bad visual to mind in this case, so we can just say in the words of Jeanessa- "Heidi Diaz is a lying, liar that lies."