Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is Aspartame Safe? Depends On Who You Ask.

Dr. Briffa discusses this topic on his blog:

New review catalogues the myriad of ways aspartame can mess up your body and brain

Tellingly, whether a study finds for or against aspartame seems to be intimately related to, err, who paid for it. In one on-line review of the evidence finds that while 100 per cent of industry-funded studies conclude aspartame is safe, 92 per cent of independently funded research and reports identified aspartame as a potential cause of harmful effects.

Isn't that just awful? That corporations with deep pockets, lots of attorneys, and money on the line, can skew data when our health is at stake?

I believe that aspartame is bad, but I still use it sometimes. Why? Inner brat, I guess. I occasionally want something sweet, without going off plan. A little voice says that the studies that reveal problems are based on consuming thousands of times the amount I consume. As more evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, becomes available, I'm getting more and more put off.

So then what? I absolutely can't stand stevia. So I reach for Splenda, despite figuring that one day the evidence will be available that proves it, too, is dangerous. I know there are sites that say it's dangerous now. I'm reluctant to believe because I don't want to be without it.

Do you consume NutraSweet? Splenda? Sugar alcohols? Any other sweet substitutes? I'd love to hear what you're using.

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