Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture? Some of my observations...

Check out the woman who forgot to put her dress on over her trashy slip. Her BFF should have told her! Boobs, belly button and undergarments (if any - we can hope) on full display. What self respecting woman would do this? Oh wait, they wouldn't. I can't imagine what kind of event they are attending, with the fashion statements displayed in this photo, complete with beer bottles and flasks. Any guesses?

Of course, my real objection to this photo is the pig in the tee shirt. First of all - COVER THAT UP! Again, what person with any self respect would display themselves in this pathetic and sad way? He's no victim, though - he's the one doing the damage with that ignorant message on the shirt. His message is clear - if you 'beat' the disease called anorexia, you'll look like him. Better to keep starving yourself than try to beat the disease. Shameful.

Heidi Diaz sends the same sort of message with Kimkins. Best to diet-coke-fast off the pounds, take laxatives daily so 'potty problems' don't mask weight loss, trick your body into feeling too queasy to eat, berate yourself for an extra 'finger grab' of salad, whatever it takes not to look like the guy in that picture. Better to hide behind lies and phony photos than be who you are. Shameful!


VernsWifeVickie said...

I agree, that photo is shameful on so many levels. Even putting aside the fact that the guy is a slob and the woman behind him in the red slip has absolutely no self respect, the message that slogan on his T-shirt sends is sickening

OhYeahBabe said...

Vickie! Thanks for stopping by. I think I was adding your blog to my blog roll when you were posting a comment - what a coincidence!