Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Considering Kimkins? NOT SO FAST!

Hold on to your wallet! Kimkins (Heidi Diaz) filed for bankruptcy yesterday. This is her 3rd one. Just months after buying a $400K house and a couple of cars for cash. There's something unfair about that, don't you think? She allegedly schemes, racks up debt, and leaves her creditors holding the bag. If you're considering a new diet for 2009, Kimkins isn't it! She doesn't deserve your money, her diet is junk, and you'll be out $80 and looking for a new forum when the Kimtanic sinks.

This puts other litigation against her on hold, unfortunately. The class action lawsuit for fraudulent marketing, the suit filed by the city of Corona, and the student loan lawsuit. She's bought herself some time, though I'm not sure what for. (Maybe she's trying to get her next diet website off the ground - remember, she promised she was going to do that if Kimkins went down!) If she was so sure she was going to win and keep the $2+ million she pocketed marketing a diet that doesn't work long term, using photos of Russian brides, it seems like she'd want it all over. At any rate, this weeks court dates are postponed. I guess that's why she doesn't need her attorney any more. I wonder what happens when you default on payments to an attorney? Yeouch.

At any rate, I wonder how the judges involved are going to view this move? I can't wait for the next chapter.

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