Friday, January 16, 2009

Kimkins Lawsuit - Thank You to Everyone!

To Jeanessa:
Thank you so much for getting the ball rolling!

To the lawsuit principles:
You stood up for what you felt was right. You became targets of the counter-suit. Because you took a stand, it is likely justice will be served!

To John Tiedt:
You are a good man, doing a wonderful job fighting for what you think is right. I know you'll never be compensated adequately for how hard you are working and the personal sacrifices you are making.

To the ducks, sleuths, bloggers and cheerleaders:
Thank you for getting the word out so others might not be scammed. Thank you for sacrificing your time to dig relentlessly, gathering overwhelming evidence. Thanks for standing up to everyone who told you to shut up and that you were wrong, liars, haters, etc.

To LowCarbFriends:
Thank you for providing a place for people to gather and communicate. Without it, I'd have missed out on making a lot of new friends. And without it, it would have been so much harder for us all to work together. Thank you to the moderators for staying out of it when things got heated, and stepping in when things got too vicious.

Thank you also to all the people behind the scenes who take the time to receive, organize, catalog and fetch exactly what John needed whenever the need came up.

The case isn't over yet, but this week's class certification is a major, major milestone, and we deserve to celebrate!

PS: I hope I didn't leave anyone out!


Jeanessa said...

Certification is a sweet thing!

OhYeahBabe said...

And so are you, Jeanessa!