Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kimkins and Bariatric Surgery

Heidi Diaz is still defending ultra low calories on her crash diet Kimkins website, comparing it to post-bariatric surgery diets. Where her comparison falls apart is that post-surgical patients are elaborately supplemented and medically supervised. And yet... horrific medical complications are not rare! Check out this post from Sandy over at Junkfood Science. It's really sobering stuff. If patient health can be damaged this badly WITH medical supervision, imagine how much more likely it is when taking advice from an internet diet 'expert' with absolutely no qualifications? One of her clients has been eating 470 to 700 calories per day and has stopped losing weight, and Heidi told her that she might be getting more calories than she thinks and should be more strict, and that she shouldn't eat more. It's no wonder people emerge from that site with eating disorders and illness. Fortunately, I didn't see Heidi recommend a laxative this time!

Another important point is that if Heidi Diaz' crash diet was such a good thing, then why is she overweight and sick, and unable to lose weight no matter what she does? She's selling the very advice that got her where she is today. It's easy to guess that she's completely destroyed her metabolism from crash dieting off the weight over and over.

Say NO to Kimkins!

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