Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dementia and Belly Fat

26-Mar-2008 News item:
Middle-age belly bulge boosts risk for dementia later in life, study finds

According to the study, excess belly fat is linked to higher risk for dementia, in addition to the well known links to heart disease and diabetes. The study points to increased risk but did not determine exactly why it is higher.

My hope is that this will lead to other studies, particularly around the concept of controlled carbohydrate nutrition. Excess belly fat is a sign of excess insulin, so managing insulin levels by ditching sugars and starches could very well be proven to help prevent dementia. It appears that more and more, the low fat high carbohydrate diet deemed healthy and pushed at everyone for the past several decades is indeed causing us all to be sicker.


Paul Bain Jr said...

Thank you for this article my grandmother had severe dementia and I know that over consumption of carbohydrates may have had something to do with it .

OhYeahBabe said...

Hey Paul! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog. I'm really sorry about your grandmother's dementia. That's awful!