Friday, March 21, 2008

Kimkins Lawsuit Update

The results of today's hearing are that Heidi Diaz assets remain frozen, in anticipation of the refunds she will likely have to issue to her customers when the Kimkins lawsuit is concluded.

The attorney, John Tiedt, is continuing to collect evidence of the following:

1.) All screenshots containing false testimonials by Kimmer;
2.) All screenshots containing false testimonials by anyone other than Kimmer;
3.) All screenshots wherein the use of laxatives was advised;
4.) Any and all rumors about the Kimkins diet advocated by Heidi Diaz or any of her alter egos (e.g., Jessica Alba lost weight on Kimkins);
5.) All instances wherein Heidi Diaz used an alter ego/another name to acquire assets;
6.) Any evidence implicating Delaney Deaver in engaging in fraudulent conduct or ratifying fraudulent conduct of Heidi Diaz;
7.) A copy of any letter, email, or any other document sent to Heidi Diaz/ complaining of an adverse event or injury as a result of the Kimkins diet.

For details, and a copy of the letter sent to the lawsuit participants, check the Kimkins Lawsuit blog.

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