Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cleochatra Kicks Heidi Diaz Butt!

Please go visit my dear friend Cleochatra and congratulate her for losing 50 pounds in 10 weeks.

How did she do it? She ATE. Real food. Real fat. Protein. Veggies. What didn't she do? Lie. Lift someone else's photos. Contort her photos. Extended Diet Coke fasting. In other words, shes NOT doing Kimkins! She's controlling her carbohydrates and living her life. Cool!

It has taken her half as long as Heidi Diaz most recent alleged weight loss. Why is that significant? Because Heidi Diaz owns the :cough: controversial Kimkins diet website. The one that claimed "No faster diet! None!" The one that defrauds customers, promotes starvation level calories, chastises customers who go 2 whole days without weight loss for 'cheating', blah blah blah.

Weight loss really can be accomplished by getting rid of the love/hate relationship with food and taking good care of yourself. Cleo is living proof. She's doing great and is having a blast coming up with incredible recipes that we can all enjoy.

Go - Watch Cleo Lose! She won't charge you $70 admission!


BamaGal said...

Great post!!!

Love this though...

Go - Watch Cleo Lose! She won't charge you $70 admission!"

I about fell out of my chair laughing.....

cleochatra said...


Oh dear. Charge money to watch me lose weight? The irony is I feel I should be cooking for people who have to subject themselves to the pictures. It ain't pretty.

I didn't know I was losing that much faster than someone who swears by fasting!

Go Atkins!

(And thank you for the kudos. I also cracked up about the charging money bit).


2BIG said...

thanks for sharing about our shrinking cleo who according to Kimmer's own testimony in the deposition is over 2 months behind KImmer in losing her weight loss. that none faster ... well Cleo is walking talking food pic and recipe posting proof that Atkins is faster!