Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SingingLass's Attention Deficit Disorder

According to LCF administrators, SingingLass and LittleSina are the same people. LittleSina recently appeared in the What’s the Fascination With Kimmer threads, asking questions about – well – herself! 10 posts – here’s a random sample:

LittleSina's first post, she mentioned her own AOL page.

Since her first post was just before the thread was locked, she
posted again to make sure she wasn’t going to be ignored.

Here is the one where she
posted a link to her own AOL page.

Realizing it's unusual for a newbie to pull off posting a link, she
feigned surprise at being able to figure out how to do a link.

She points out she can too sing -
here and here, followed by a diversion. Then she took a shot at her boss, Heidi Diaz / Kimmer. I wonder if Heidi will appreciate the humor?

The weirdest post has to be the last one, where she asks what everyone thinks about the
dialog between her and Tippy Toes.

It seems weird that she'd play such a juvenile game when she has so much at stake. Maybe she's plotting an insanity defense?

SingingLass is seeking attention. Looks like she's getting it! Wow! Mariasol:
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Many posts at Amy's, including this one:
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2big said...

thanks for sharing all the posts and links.

Lizbeth said...

Well said.