Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is the Kimkins debate over?

Apparently Heidi Diaz thinks so. The Kimkins Debate (previously called Kimkins Controversy) link is gone from the home page.

It was there so she could say she (eventually) warned people about her lying ways, for the lawsuit. On that page, she sort of confessed that she was sort of creative with her marketing practices: she lied about her weight loss, she lied about her photos, she lied about her personal success, she fabricated success stories, and lifted photos. The inference was that she was done lying now. Believe her?

Of course, I do not. I think she's still lying, still doctoring photos, still lying about her weight loss, and still using sock puppets on the site. And she's still doing the business practices that are getting her sued.

Hear what kind of person she is from one of her customers, on Amy B's blog:
Bully Uses the Ban Button Again

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MrsMenopausal said...

How interesting. I guess any new potential members are on their own when it comes to knowing what they're really getting themselves into. Though the use of the word "debate" was misleading, IMO, and the "debate" section of the front page was less than the complete truth, it was a enough of glimpse to hopefully cause someone to go looking further into the fraud that is Kimkins.
Has the "debate" ended? No. It's not only not over, it continues to grow and gain momentum as more and more is disclosed and discovered.
I hope any future interested consumers take a moment and Google Kimkins before signing over their post-dated checks to Heidi Diaz.

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